Thursday, March 31, 2011

today is just not my day

Today is the last day to redeem 2 big breakfast after purchase above RM5, we plan to get the last round of Mcd. Today was just a unlucky day, go thru Jusco, MU and Melawati Mcd. Lastly still can't get it. End with a highway journey, horror for me~~ Reflash back the last time we got the Mcd big breakfast! WAO just order 4 coffee to get this 4 set of big breakfast! what a pleasure! Mc and Shel was so enjoy the the brunch, include me and vicky.

The only thing which going smooth is my hair~thx to the director---Mc and assistant---Abby. My fringe still got some haagen~ who are the one said loudly : make sure my fringe is dyed?
Another unlucky thing, helen is being abuse! A crazy BI is throwing him at the floor! HE IS BLIND NOW! he is in the condition of "nyawa-nyawa ikan"
See! poor helen~~ he need to be compensate! the abuser! pay me the damages--> elephant paste XD

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

An outing before final

Our final is coming soon~ 1 more week is the exam time, although only 2 subject, but i think we will still struggle on it. Having the very first make-up outing with girls~ that is interesting! Especially our Shelby is gonna make up!Credit to abby~ spend lot of time to draw eyeliner for Shel, i'm just assist to put mascara~ PLEASE! dont trim your lashes! that so weird~i really dont understand you lo~D=
Everyday OLDTOWN~ we are regular! Abby was adorable with her hofun.
Me with the maggie mee! i like hotdog~ abby, i take your advise, cover the smaller eye, but seem horror~haha
Shel! you look girl abit today~ but not enough! try on some girls outfit~ =D
Mc~~ seem like she not very like Oldtown~ she is gonna kill us, hou gang gah!
While shopping, Shel is taking a pic of us~ abby look natural, i'm too fake with round face, Mc is clever to escape the camera~
Having a tea break at somewhere, Korea food. i like their expression! funny~
We bought some hair dye, now are doing promotion, buy 1 free 1~ only cost us RM22.90! cheap!
We go Lowyat buy our stuff~ i got myself a keyboard~ a small keyboard, only RM22.
See, when put together, ngam ngam hou!
Last but not least, a adapter for my earphone and mic, i want it so badly! finally i got it.
Owh~~ i should start all my work now, so regret that i didn't manage well my time. there are no return point, need some passion! USH USH USH!

Friday, March 25, 2011


Discrimination is always happen, everyone will thought of sex, age, race or anything. Now the discrimination is happen on different gang, which can divide into fake respond but no attendance gang and less respond but good attendance gang. I'm guessing maybe every YOUNGSTER like the fake but seem good respond, that why this discrimination happen.

As a XXXXX should stay focus on student presentation, maybe we all are BLIND, see that the face is not something good expression. Although the mark is so considerable, but the fairness have not show. Q & A section prove everything, can see which gang is her favorite. Girls revenge is very horror, we are trying to find a bone in an egg. Syok! but could be better.

I'm waiting for the advance diploma course, look forward of it. I might get a better college life without some 害群之马!


My sis birthday~ apparently my kuma is also having birthday. So celebration is obviously needed. Unfortunatelly, only left the head of the jelly for him to celebrate. it's ok~ at least got a cake for him. A bear is killing a jelly bear, will it weird?
KAWAII!! he look so shy~
due to the cake, he want to dance with the jelly~ *cute*
Starting to killing the jelly bear~ becareful dont hurt yourself =P
hou gang ar! dim gai sek hong geh?? mm meng UH!
NAAA~~ give you eat~ anyway, can you eat?
the answer is not, so~~ i assist you to eat it lah~~ yumyumyum!

Rin's 21st B'day Present

My mom was so kind! give my sis the golden key from TOMEI. I want it too, at my 21st birthday. My sis said too bad she cant wear out~ =P the bracelet present from maki! WAO! it so meaningful for my sis. Present from Best Friend should be unique and with full of heart! Here are my present to my sis~Anna Sui! her favorite. Look so much, actually not, just buy the prefume and lipstick, others are free gift once you purchase more than RM300. The prefume not bad, although not my tea.
The green apple lamp from my cousin, it so thoughtful. My cousin and her hubby is selling lamp. Need any light, do find her =D
A pair of shoe, get from one of her ex-classmate. Warning, dont give shoe to you friend, it meant sent your friend away, but your friend can give you RM1 as she is purchase it by herself. My sis forgot to give her classmate RM1 . What la~
The prefume~ zoom in! design is nice! i want the pink one~~ but expensive, so~~ give up better =P

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rin 21st Birthday

My sis actual birthday is today! tuesday 22nd March. just buy so fast food for this little party. Pizza and KFC will do plus a super cute bear jelly cake, or we should call it just jelly. Credit to abby, shelby and vicky. Without you 3 i cant get this jelly.After having those fast food, is the time for capture!
My sis with her special birthday cake ---> jelly in bear shape!
put on the candle, feel like killing the bear. his nose! opps~ pain~ but as a jelly should let people eat you =P
My sis best friend-- Maki-san~ Well she look so similar to vicky hahaXD
My cousin~~ thx for joining! what a surprise! P/s: My sis doesnt know my cousin is coming~
My family~~ add in the bear, we have 4 member in my family XD
Vicky, a special guest~~ my mom have invite abby to join, too bad she is love sick~
Maki~~ see their loook sooo~~ haha honestly, vicky is more fashion~ happy mou?
My cousin and her husband~~ the pink bear is screaming: dont eat me ar!!
blow candle section~~ wao!
Everyone is eating the jelly, except my cousin, she dislike jelly~ see her face-- behsong! haha
The champagne we brought back from greebox~ is the time to drink it~ not bad actually, i would like to buy it for next time~
The body of the bear, we are finish! left his head~ poor bear! like kena potong and just left his head! My mom look like want t bake it~ so funny leh! haha who still want jelly? KY house is available =P

Pre birthday celebration

This year is my sis 21st birthday! She has high expectation of her birthday, so we had 2 celebration on her birthday. The pre birthday celebration on Sunday, her actual birthday on Tuesday. We are going to Sing K at SG WANG Greenbox at 9pm to 2am. Good news for the sing k kaki, for sunday night you can sing til 4am! so what are you waiting for?? First, we need to grab lot of drink! sing k need energy what~
Then our kaki is CHEW family! My sis damn happy~ sing all her favorite song!
My cousin who need to work at monday 6 in the morning, poor guy~ sing til 2am then sleep for 3 hour then go work.
My sis and I, well i think wearing glasses is more suitable to sing K~ no need squint to look at the screen.
dang dang! two lovely sis!
I cant live~~~~~~~~~ friend! our song! let go sing it!
Due to the mistake of the green box staff, i nearly cant get the cake!Lucky my sing k kaki is very firm with their point, we only can get the free birthday cake!

This cake is nice! white chocolate with lycee! i love the taste~~ next time we can have a try! who birthday is coming???

Champagne! bring it back for the next celebration!credit to greenbox~ we get it for free =D