Friday, September 23, 2011

My Besties

Hang out with my besties haha as state in my FB album. Christine is my primary school friend, we know each other for 10years. Besties is enough to describe you right? =P

We had our brunch at Sakae Suchi, there are having promotion on lunch deals. Long time dint go Sakae Sushi, it has a new branch at Farenheit 88.
I order the curry katsu don, i love japanese curry coz it is not spicy at all =D get a free green tea of course. Sakae green tea has a smell of the paddy, but i like it.
We are ready to eat them! due to the morning traffic jam, it really cause me starving.
taking lot pic at there, people will think we are crazy, keep taking picture in an restaurant~ this is the golden fish look.
This pic make me laugh for whole time, we actually not laughing, but after i said we should shake hand, then we laugh non-stop! we look so happy in this pic hahaXD
i try take a pic of punching her, but her face is too funny~i seem like happy?
while looking at this pic, who are thinking about?? Debbie? although she dead, but her shadow is remain here~
We had a golden promise, want to eat the dessert-snowflake last 2 sem holiday. It the time to have it. there are crowded!
the 3rd anniversary promotion of snowflake cause people come and queue up.
While waiting. i spend an hour for waiting. this dessert is so "expensive"!
USHH finally i got it! yeah an hour! =.= we get 1 cold 1 hot best sellers. always has to eat the hot one, when can i get the cold one?
We had finished it! i die also will finish this, who ask this make me spend so much fo time.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Petaling Street

I heard some rumors said that Petaling street is going to close down. OMG! i dont think will really happen, what if it happen? So i have to go before it gone. I plan to go in the morning, but the TARC website is so damn slow in progress our result. My body system wake me up at 9, i wait til 12 only get my result. I just get my brunch and i have to buy some soft toys for my nephew.

Red-bean Cendol! i still remember my kasturi life, i get it once a week with all my tuition kaki. Not to forget the curry-puff, too bad it does not open. Everything i liked or i used must be gone in someday, hope my curry-puff is temporary close.
When I going back to college with Metro bus, it is surprise! the 50sen ticket is back. It only available for secondary or primary student. Now is for TARC student who go or from Wangsa Maju and GK.
Those soft toys i bought is zombie from Plants Vs Zombies. i bought 2 , 1 big 1 small like brothers. they look so cute~ i know my nephew is gonna like it.
make a scene of Soft-toy type Plant Vs Zombie. My sunflower is scared although he is smiling.
Zombie is going to eat my sunflower, because all the seed, potato , cherry is not here~ poor SuN.
Last but not least, bought a pig pig 猪 from my nephew also.


Monday, September 19, 2011

1901@ 19th sept

i love 19th of every month,because 1901 is having promotion at every 19th. The promotion only for beef and new york chicken hotdog bread. Regular size is RM2.99 and grand is RM3.99. Compare to the original price, we can consider getting 50% discount on it.Went 1901 which located at nearby GK, named swan cafe. i get the grand size of new york chicken hotdog bread. The hotdog is big and nice! i like hotdog =D
We are having great time at 1901, bcz there have no one. We can use all the places as we like. Staring at the bread.. coz U R tempting! i am still using my new pose, since... ahahaha my hair much flat~
hold it on my hand~ feel so much satisfy. i will come here once a month, this definitely is the nearer 1910 to my places =D

Friday, September 16, 2011

French village @ Pahang

Went to french village today with my sis and friends~ spend about an hour to reached there. at first i was hoping to drive myself, but after doing all the research found out that it is consider as a hill. I give up my idea, take a ride on my sis beloved bf car. It will defintely better than my kancil.Thought there have some entretainment for us, i was wrong. It just a place for people to relax and enjoy.

i climb up on these staircase to view the whole picture of the french village.
I get the picture when i reached the top. It was soooo tired! i hate staircase!
the only thing we can do here is cam shooting - our entertainment. my hair was flat after doing the rebonding. This pose can save me from having flat hair in the picture. So we cant stop doing this pose =P
Our next stop should be japanese village. Toooo bad~ raining!
At first we try to make it, but the rain is become heavy and the japanese village is crowd. Our trip force to end here.
Went back to french village, saw the wax hand. look cute~
We continue take pic at there~ although my head is weird T.T
i bring lot of snack to share, but no one take it. abby is trying to steal all my snack, but her bag is too small haha
Starbucks! i have not been drink it since.. i am jobless.
i miss you so much FC- green tea cream~~