Thursday, December 30, 2010

A cute egg from Disneyland

A chocolate egg i bring back from Disneyland HK, i thought it was an egg full of chocolate. Chocolate always be my favorite snack. Here are the chocolate egg~ it seems like asking me to bite it~

Da Dang! inside got a small toy for me. Well, if i were 9 i will love this so much, now i am just thinking: so few chocolate i get, oh no!

One box of this product contain 3 chocolate egg, so i get 3 toy~ it look like a giant medicine.

I get this 3 monster, it look cute. Although it is useless thing for me, but i can use to decorate my writting desk.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rilakkuma @ Watson

I am fall in love with this petit rilakkuma! All the product of Rilakkuma was so so so..... cute~ i would like to get more soft toys of Rilakkuma, but the soft toys of Watson is not my cup of tea. Other product 3 fold umbrella, ceramic mug, cosmetic bag and terry slipper is look great! Oh mon dieu i wish i can get all of it~~=3=

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jelly Cake

A Jelly bakery shop located at Pavilion food court. At first i thought it was jelly cake , later when i bite it ,i know that it just a jelly. Although is jelly, it still delicious for me. i love jelly-easy to bite, chew and swallow. Per box 10 ringgit.

See! it so cute~~ a cute cow, i am gonna eat you, eat you!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve @ Mc Place

Merry Christmas ! Christmas Eve is one of a day we should celebrate. Although final is coming soon, relax and fun is still needed by all of us. We had a plan- going to Mc place eat turkey! WAO! turkey i am coming! On the way to our venue, we saw a voiture inside got a big bouquet of flower. It so big, erm.....for his GF??
Let zoom in to see. WAH! Would like to know the future owner~
Capture time! huh Esther what are you doing? look at the camera wei~

DA DA!! finally spending 2 hour to reach Mc place. Well, this due to the peak hour. Mc's télé is quite big, it big enough for me, to watch it without wearing a glasses.

Dinner time! Fried rice always be my favorite, but..........why have a laksa there?? LOL spicy food is not my strength. Everyone look like very enjoy it, i had a try. Although our friend said it does not spicy at all, i still feel spicy haha. Beverage i will fall into A&W!

Second round, having dinner from first floor to ground floor. What a special dinner.

Turkey is here! WAO! have not eat a turkey before. Is the time for us to have a try now.

We all look like taking turn in serving the turkey.Well i am not good in serving a dish, Esther maybe is good at this, she always fried rice at her Bf house. Here are the NG family~~

After that, we all FaceBook-Ing. 3 people using I-phone and 2 people using pc. We even chat at the FB, although we are siting next to each others . LOL.
Only Vicky provide the Christmas Hat, so we all need to wear it 1 by 1. The third round at Little Tree, we stay until the countdown is finished.

Last but not least, have a group photo! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


冬至又到了,和圣诞节相差没几天。冬至快乐! 去大伯家吃饭,我的最爱咕噜肉,白斩鸡,烧肉和不懂什么。当然,有一碗汤,那是鱼旦滚汤。有很好吃的福州鱼旦。


Before the final, should have a rest. This week is kind a busy week, Christmas eve and 过冬. Going out with my friend, have a lunch at this taiwan express. Original pearl milk tea, erm..... this not good as they recommend.
Taiwanese Stewed Pork rice, this one is delicious. As a appetizer for me.

A lunch set- white rice, honey fish, some appetizer and a home-made soup. The soup is full of the feeling of my home-made soup. Love it! And the soup is healthy also. Additional Taiwanese Stewed Pork rice is only cost RM2, WOW!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Food Corner

The first day we reach, we going to have polo bun at a old style cafe. So regret it sold out. Sandwich , fried rice plus milk tea. At night we go to Lady Street, bought some snack but forget to take picture. Only get a picutre of dorayaki from Doreamon~

Next morning, having a super nice dimsum. 香港猪肠粉,皮蛋瘦肉粥,叉烧包和蛋挞, except the蛋挞 others are nice~

虾饺 is damn delicious... miss it!

At Macau night we feel hungry, go to a food stall to get maggie mee. Look at the appearance of the cup it is for non-spicy, who know after i boil it in the water it become red in colour. it is super spicy!

Pork Burger from Mcdonald only available at Disneyland-Tomorrowland. A big , delicious and forgetable burger.

Another red bean pie from Mcdonald also. A HK style pie.

Before we go back to Malaysia we should try wantan mee and 艇仔粥. I have only capture one of the wantan, actually this mee include 6 wantan. this is what called wantan.

Friday, December 17, 2010

MTR-Day 5

The last day stay at HK. Actually we should not go out, it spend a lot of time to reach the the venue we wanna go. Since we have not try the MTR before, so we plan to have a try on it. MTR is such a LRT same like Malaysia. I do not know the long form for MTR. Here are the Disneyland Station, dont confuse, not every station of MTR is the same, Disneyland always be the unique one. Well, the train obviously will be different with the normal train. All design is cute and full of the theme of Disneyland. 10 o'clock in the morning, i can hold all the seat~~
This is the normal MTR station, but still nicer than ours. It train long, big , fast and confortable.

MTR is quite huge for me, if i wanna go to any place i may need this! the map showing there are many station. FAINT~~

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

DisneyLand- Day 4

10/12/10 the day which we feel excited. Disneyland is the place to recall back our childhood memories- snow white, sleeping beauty, Cinderella, mickey mouse, and so on. We reach there at 12pm, there are already many people walk around. Here are the train station for Disneyland, it will go around all the place- fantasyland, tomorrowland, adventureland and main street.

The land we must stop by is main street, you can buy junk food, toys and soft toys at there. The design was so nice! i like it so much. All my souvenir is bought at here. Before we get into Tomorrowland, we stopping by to appreciate the music presented by the staff.

The middle of disneyland we found a candy shop and some nice design building. There are damn beautiful. Is a nice place for capture.

going for the first game-Orbiton. Well, this is totally suitable for the kids to play. No feel of thrilling.

Next, Autopia. Just driving for a few minute. Those one who dont know how to drive can try this. But if you know, dont waste your time on it. Queue up is spending 1 hour.

Buzz lightyear game is interesting, you can shoot the moster and get mark to see what level you are. haha obviously i am not a good gamer, just level 2.

3pm there got a show of all the legend chatacter. The first came out is Mickey Mouse, infront it got a group of staff playing music.

Next, Snow white, cinderella and sleeping beauty is coming out. They all look so alike with the actual one.

Alice is sitting on the top of the "car".

Lastly end with the main character of Disneyland. They look so cute. Regret did not capture a picture with them because it need to spend 45minute for waiting. I had lack of time to do so, for me, game is more important~

Some funny capture. Disneyland said that here are the capture spot, so.....

Fantasyland got a nice place you should go. Highly recomend by Mc. The Small Small World. All the toys is unique and refinement.

Still got a lot of place you should go, but i should not write too much, it is bored~At 9pm there are fireworks, everyday the time of fireworks is different. After this, Disneyland will close.

Before i end my post, show you all my favorite place in Disneyland. i love it so much.