Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cool edit pro 2.1

Nowadays i was addicted to Cool Edit Pro 2.1. It was intersting when you change a music into different pitch or different tempo obviously include recording. i found this software since i was 15, honesty i was no idea to use this, i just know the basic technique to use it. Today i try to search through the website especially Really a big hand for me.

here to show the Cool Edit Pro real face, anyone who love to edit music can try this!

when you get into this software, you will see a few column. Put in the song to the column ,you will see the sound track.above picture shown how to edit the tempo of the music. i have change a song with different tempo, it sound good! although it was a bit funny XD What song it is?? {diamond}
my lovely fish Helen wanna play with BBB, but BBB is busy on testing the accompaniment for her song. Helen feel so scare~~" 我好惊啊!"
Rilakuma curiousity was stronger than Helen, she try to lie on her back to take a sunburn.
BBBdid not realized Rila is behind her. BBB still enjoying her music. let see what happen when she knew this.
erm, she look alike with my kuma.Wasn't she??? =DDD

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vicky new pet~ un petit chien

Ce qu'il est??? C'est la chien! Un petit chien! Un mignon chien. Il habite a Kuantan.
" Bonjour, je m'appelle BB chien. enchatee! " let see where is it come from??
dang dang dang!
a turtle puppy~sleep at the tissue box
dans une voiture

mignon~~~ <3>

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


organizer : Shelby
Driver: bbb mc poney
location: Tenji
goal: food
here are the food
although it no much
can fulfill our min goal
see that shelby sit on my place
bad girl!
our gang~~ 10 ppl

bbb look hungry~~


Singapore + Johor

i went to Singapore and Johor for 2 night and 3 days trip
but obivously most of the time spend at Casino and sleep
the 1st night i sleep at the bus
it straight away fetch us to Singapore
the arrival time is 5am, everyone still go into Casino for gamble
i was 19 so there are no space for me to in
well sleep is good for health =)

the place i stay for a night
*Fish village*

the picture i took in the Casino
it show something special

universal studio
i wish to get in
i spend 5-7am there it doesnt open yet
so i miss it

an hotel in the Casino
look classic and nice

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Asus laptop

my new baby- Asus laptop
get it at Low Yat
thanks my lovely sis and bro
spending a day to choose this laptop for me
my bear-kuma is playing my comp
happy, is he??
hope i can treat it nicely~~