Monday, November 29, 2010

Station1 @ Rampai bussiness Park

29/11/10 we are on the test of Company Law. What a terrible to us? Made us feel horrible? terrible or Vegetable? haha! Have a short break at Station 1- a place we used to went before. Well, we had the intention to go there due to the new menu.

See! it written that having new menu and biggest meal for the consumer.

With a moody Mc, she is still feel upset of her I-phone3.

Get a drink, V-soy is 1 of a beverage i like to have it~

Order a super fried food with some vegetable. Although i will take it, i will still accpet it as my meal.

After this woderful dinner, i still need to work out for CL.
P/S: all these pic is took by my cell phone-K750i. that why the pic is so blur. T.T

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My birthday @ Fullhouse

Happy Birthday to me! Thankyou to all my friend who wish me and give me the present-mouses and the lunch at Fullhouse! I was so happy on this year birthday althought without a cake~hahaXD Look like we get a wine at there~~~Cheers!
while order, we all are busy. Someone looking at the menu, somebody playing I-phone, and somepeople capturing a picture.

After we having this wonderful lunch, we start our shoting! obviously the main character is not me, is the most active person---- Shelby~

okay~~ we should try to 抢镜头~~ pompier!!! Je suis pompier!!
See~~~ the main character is here~~~but BBB was sucessed to be the focus point.

those picture was took by the Fullhouse director, thankyou so much~~ its fun!
Lastly take a pic for this beverage, i love the effect so much~~ I-phone, you are amazing~ the buyer more amazing--- BBB and Mc. wakakaXDDD

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Meet up my old friend

Went to KLCC with my old friend- Christine. We knew each other since we are 10. Wish that i could keep this friendship for good. First stop, we went for a movie-SKYLINE. What a damn shit movie, waste my money and time. No second time for this!Second stop, we went to my favorite book shop- Kinokuniya, one of the biggest book shop in Malaysia from Japan. I saw LADY GAGA music book at the music category, she is really famous. Then we stop by at japanese entertainment category, my idol is on magazine , 二宫和也~~ *love* lastly end with a interesting book, it quite accurate for me~ go and have a try on this book.
Dinner time! Went to Fullhouse, a nice dessign Cafe. Last time go with Mc feel that this Cafe is quite nice, so i bring her here for the celebration. although only 2 of us, but i feel this is the best plan, because all our mutual friend has no contact.

Capture lot of picture at there~~~nice environment!

lastly end at a Cafe for the shoting~


Went shopping again~~ had a great time at Uniqlo again. Everytime go there should get something home. Bought a micro fleece at Uniqlo, this is comfortable, cheap and high quality. I will wear it on my HK trip, Nice?? Go around all the shoe outlet to get a pair of shoe. I really need a shoe which is flat, suitable to walk without any worry. Finally i found it at MOD!

Mc and me bought the same shoe, this is damn nice, exactly what i wish to get. It cost RM100, its worth! Find one day we both wear this to hang out. Erm~~~ love it!

Monday, November 22, 2010

IXUS 105

My love IXUS 105 is gonna get into ICU. HE is just half years old.
A unforgetable day, i wish it should be happy without any sadness.
who know, incident happen.
when HE fall down on the table i thought it was okay.
But when i try to take another capture, it functioness.
My heart broke!
that camera shop seller said if want to repair need 1 month.
If i really do so, maybe 3 month my babe also wont get back.
Sound crazy!
Plan to go Shah Alam - Canon Customer Care Centre.
Block D, Peremba Square,
Saujana Resort,
Section U2,
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor.
this quite far for me. Hope my relative can help me send to the centre.
If not. i will try to go by myself.
I want ti fix it!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Coursework = Finals

I had relax for a few days, since last wednesday after the EB coursework and my piano lesson. This week i plan to pick up back my piano partical, put all my effort in to play the scale. I have a wonderful weekend, i sleep at the afternoon and active at night. Keep on watching TVB drama with a excited mood. i thought all the test is over, maybe at week 10 or 11 only start the coursework. I was wrong! next week means week 9 have 1 assignment and 2 coursework for me. Suddenly all my mood gone! why Sem 5 have so much different with Sem 1 to 4? every test and presentation same like finals. Okay i will away my relaxation mood and ready for the war.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Asus Smart Logon

my laptop is high-tech than i expect. All the fuction and software discover by my friend, especially this one - Asus smart logon. When it detact my face, will automatic logon. it was so funny! i put its security level to the lowest, but i dont know this thing will happen.
My sister and Mc can use their face logon to my laptop! what a surprise?? mean they look alike with me or the security level is really damn low?? It was written that success to logon! they just use my pose...that kuma pose then they can logon my laptop. lol i should put the level to the highest.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Unexpected shopping day

Every friday i am thinking where should i go?? straight away go back home and sleep?? Friday always be the suitable day to do some unxepectable thing. When i hear SOMEONE said wanna going KLCC, i was being induced! ok let go there for lunch with Mc. Although the venue is not at KLCC, we go nearby KLCC - Full house! too bad i did not bring my camera, who ask this is the unexpeted lunch for us. After the lunch time, we went to UNIQLO! oh i love the UJ so much~~ nice cutting and reasonable prices. UNIQLO is not need to queue up anymore, but inside still got a lot of people. here are the jeans i bought, i have such a long time did not wear blue jeans. Everyday black and grey, i should make myself more colourful~~ i am not emo =D
Well~~ now is still offer for the UJ, cost me RM49.90. i cant wait to get more jeans, but financial problem, i should save my money to my HK trip~

Here are the expenses i should spend it off~~ one of my old friend birthday is coming soon. i bought a cup for her at memory lane~~ it so cute. i will show the cup real "face" after her birthday.
The time we plan to go back is 6pm...OMD this is the peak hour! we jam for 1 hour only get back home. Thx Mc sending me back home, your driving technic was so good! i experience it!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Munching new son

My friend mc just get her new born baby from S & J... this toy really cute and retro~~ love it so much...his name is 长伯...friend izit?? all is his self-capture with his brother~~~ damn cute~~ =D

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Convocation - graduation of my sister

my sister graduate lo!! what a happy day for her and my mother, because my sis is free now~ not need go to college anymore and my mother not need give poket money to her. She is count as a adult now~~ she said she decide to continue study to get the degree certificate, just looking for the suitable college~~ ganbatte yo~ the soft toy i bought for her, with the lily cost me RM150. the kuma-san also want to graduate, so i take the picture for him. look so cute~~~
The convocation was held at Grand 4 season hotel ,the graduate come in 1 by 1, but when they coming in..i was totally dont know about this. no announcement or anything, they just came in quietly.

The speech was started by the principal of MIA, it was so long long and long speech. i almost fall sleep. when the speech the time for shoting!
shot 1 !

shot 2!
my relative all come to celebrate my sister graduate~~
shot 3!
shot 4 !
congraturation to Leeping too~~ she also 1 of the gradute of MIA~~
shot 5 !
happy graduate!!
Next we go to Green box sing k~~ having fun at there~~ i sing so much.. 2pm to 6.45pm~~ damn tired~~

Friday, November 5, 2010

souvenirs from my cousin

My cousin and her hubby just back from Singapore- Universal Studio, the place i wish to go. It sound fun and woderful, where is my turn?? here are the soft toys she bought at the Universal Studio, all of them are my favorite character.
dinner time is come, i thought my cousin will cook for us, who know is her husband cook! woo~~ it so unbelievable. it was so delicous, even me also can not cook like that. 3 course and 1 soup, a trandisional dinner. Opss! forget the take a picture for the soup, this is cook by my cousin- ABC soup.
After the dinner, i got bought the dessert-Donashi from Big Apple. It is so cute and OISHI! just cost me RM11 for 9 pieces~~ worth!
Lastly i get a bookmarks, this bookmark is high quality and cute. My most favorite character-Madagascar de Gloria~~


time is such a limited resource for everyone
because of the scarcity
human has infinite wants and limited resource
i start to face this problem recently
every week i has no time to do my work
such as do revision for my coursework, practice my piano
next year will be my grade 8 parctical and theory test
i am really not ready yet
every week spend 2 hour at there with nothing
after every wednesday i tell myself i should practice my pieces
finally i fail to do that
i wish i could fix this
this week are worse
i do nothing
what shall i do to make myself have more time???

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Yesterday was the opening for UniQlo. me, mc, bbb, shel, bling, kokwai and chunjie plan to go for it. We target we must be the first 500 person get into Uniqlo and get the chance win for a pair of japan trip. I woke up at 5am, curl my hair and prepare everything. Start waiting them at 5.30am. Mc fetch me at 6 something, thought everything will going prefect. Who know our dear planner woke up late, me and mc wait at Mcd for dont know how long. about 7.03am they reach and spend 1 minute to came in. Then we having our lovely breakfast at there until 8am. i thought Lawyat parking fee was RM4 for whole day, i was wrong it counting was no limit. i feel guity, sorry friend make you all spend so much =(
Next we walk to Ferenheit 88. There were a lot of people waiting there, such a long dragon. 4 of us sit there for queue up, and 3 of them- shel KW and CJ go paid up there Amit's ticket fee. although is sitting, i still feel sleep, look at my panda eyes~

Yosh! they came join us. we all sit at there start from 8.30 to 10 something. just chit-chating to over the time. Suddenly a Uniqlo staff came to give the form for the first 500 person. we so excited when we get this! Yosh! we get the chance.

here are the form, just purchase a good from Uniqlo you can join the lucky draw. it wont be so lucky for us, but for a try is still enjoying.

we all are busying to sign the form. this is what we waiting for! *happy *
at 11 something everyone start getting into Uniqlo, so do we~while we are queue up, there are many people coming here for Uniqlo, more and more to come.
this fella! damn you! he just jump into the queue, it is not fair for others, he just come here for a while then can get into Uniqlo. recognize his face!
we almost can get in~~ fast! shelby techinc is improve a lot. good shot! i get 3 legging, 1 dress and 1 tee from UniQlo, the others all spend a lot at there. especailly boys!

after our shopping, we go Pavilion- Subway to enjoy our lunch. Abby join us for luch.this subway was full of Vege...ehem not my VEGE.
next station, go Sg. Wang for G2. i need a bag, just spoil my bag. i only use it for 3 month. am i too soft to use it?? another station is Times Square, abby need a dress. And lastly end with my favarite pasar malam. What a ejoyable day~~~