Thursday, August 27, 2009

Exam-ing Vs sing K

now this moment
is exam time
everybody should be hardworking
study at home
or library
but but but
Vicky, Mc & me
go Sg Wang
Sing K!!! what in our brain
people should relax
enjoy the exam
keten shimasu da!!

vicky and Mc hand
mc favorite
my most dislike food
curry fishball
Oh my god
so spicy is it???
but all my friend like it
why why why??
silly face~~

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vicky bee birthday

today is our friend
Vicky bee birthday
odanjyobi ometeto!!!
our gang bought a mickey for vicky
after that we all wanna to go KLCC
book fair
my favorite too~~~
because of H1N1
so we all decided to wear mask
except sister hiong
maybe she is different
when step in to the LRT
we all started to take pic
see bamboo me and munching
taking pic
we are so busy....
who so free to take our pic?
and then sit opposite us is
sister hiong, Venice and vicky
Venice:hey where you look at?where is miao???
she is beside there
to 扮型hey take pic with munching
what you mean with you finger??
let take pic
kacha nice pic!!!
second shot
hey why your eyes so big??
want tell me my eyes smaller the you oh??
Venice and Vicky
double V
we having our lunch at 2nd floor
food court
we all eat spaghetti
happy birthday Vicky bee~~

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Got oUt wItH mY BesT fRieNd
sO hApPy
We gO tQ
sing K
everyone FavOuriTe
IncLudE me~~~WheN i rEacH tHeRe
I sAw a DrAwiNg ComPetITion
Let mE rEmInD bAcK
mY cHilDhoOd
A lOT oF ChiLd
jOiNinG tHe CoMpetItiOn
LaSt 1
TakE PiC wItH Pl~~~
TaKe cARe FrIeNd..

Friday, August 21, 2009

Petaling street

today Mc bamboo Vern hiong and me
go Petaling street
long time no go already
miss you leh
our kasturi!!
i go buy my favorite drink
very nice......
our hiong go bought her spot shoe
lastly she got it....
let her to show your all how is it~~~
she and bamboo also bought shock...
maybe want match with her new shoe
i also have bought my favorite food
curry puff
this one not very spicy lah
i can eat de~~~
see hiong also have bought it
she try it at the bus
so delicious hor???
see have egg inside leh
but i get shock
zha dao
hiong said why not a whole egg inside de
lol eat so many no good la~~
i bought 2
for my sister and me~~~
today my mood very bad lah~~~

Thursday, August 20, 2009

IA class

remind back the first time
we go for IA lecture class
they were many people waiting at outside
oxygen also not enough
but now almost the end of the semester
already nobody would like to came
show you all
about 10am
the right hand side nobody and the left hand side
a few person only
everybody sure lazy come for the class
exam coming soon!!
too boring
my friend Mc help me to tie hair
tie a bun
a big bun
really big ar
when i go back home
nothing to eat
then i try to fried Maggie
but but but
nice ma it look????
actually too salty already
next time gambatte lah

Beryl's chocolate

this chocolate that i bought
from the factory
is this
inside have a whole strawberry
but dry one
really nice~~~see inside....
but my sister said
she prefer whole chocolate than the strawberry
next time buy for you har~~
another one is SEYCHELL
this is my most favourite chocolate
and as my sister said
whole chocolate one
only 5 piece
but look so nice...
and delicious

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


today so happy leh
HE teacher absent
so we decided go bamboo and vern house swimming
actually i cant swim at all
so i just go
"play water"
before we go their house
Mc and me go eat lunch first
we go咩都有 we order French toast
but Mc wanna to kill it
what happen??
because it is too fat
so many oil
Mc eat til very beh song
see her face also know
lastly we also didnt finish it
i order ABC
this ABC only sweet
but okay la
after a few minute
see how i look like
like a superman
super yong sui
with bamboo de bamboo
leng lui
let me take your pic la
let me show your beautiful to everyone ma
see Vern

"hey look there"
bamboo said
you two
sleeping also didnt called me


we wait til Vicky come
then we all go to the swimming pool
who know
the swimming pool is closed
tomorow only open
my god!
we cant wait til tomorow leh
then Vicky fetch us back to college
we go to our college de
international swimming pool
spent RM1.50

my friend
bamboo,Mc, sister hiong and Nelson
trying to teach me swim
they all know swim
but but but
i cant float
i will gambatte de!!!

after swimming
hiong sister still so semangat
good ar!!!
sasuga hiong-san

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


let me think back last month
i still need take a guitar to college
and every afternoon
need go for the guitar class
but now
i no need go for it any more
the feller still asked us dont give up
not our problem
it the teacher and enviroment problem
i give up
nothing to do now
we go to TBR having our lunch
can compare with petaling stree

after our lunch
bamboo and Vern said bring us to a wonderful place
where is it??





bamboo so happy leh
Vern also play it....
i also have try it

end with a happy peace~~
my face.....
hey Mc

Monday, August 17, 2009

+study group+

we having our study group at library
as you all know
final coming soon
but all of us cant concentrate at all
so no choice la
let take some funny picohhhh
Mc cant接受现实
because she take pic with
little yong sui
Mc and Vern
trying 借位kiss
this pic taking by me
nice leh
like a small human kiss with a big human
so weird
Vern study leh~~
final coming soon
dont laugh at bamboo
i know she....
she is tooo concentrate
concentrate until haedache
what happen to my hair?
like a "siao Po"
yong sui leh
hey Mc
technical problem!!!
i show my mom that the benefit of Yaku
she buy 3 pack for me
let me try first
love you mom!!!