Tuesday, October 4, 2011


We suddenly craving for snowflake, then decide go pavilion to have a tea-break or dessert-break? i found that soya snowflake series is available at pavilion, must have a try on it. I order this snowflake have include red bean, pearl and taro. Well! the taro is so taro, i thought should be taro ball or something. Beside that, i have discover the way to eat snowflake- start at the middle, then it won't melt so fast.Normal version of us. Bling and Me~ the internal light which consider fine, better than other places.
Such as? A fitting room. There are no place for us to cam shooting, fitting room is the most suitable place, but the lighting is... worst! the first pic we took, haha blur~but our face is funny.
Then, Ugly pose~ i feel my camera keep focus on itself, although the main character is us.
Erm pose, Bling hair is long, i want this length, Envy~~
Big face pose~and this is my centre face, always see my right side face is very boring
Whole picture of us, from head to leg. Hem~ so tall, T.T i look short.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Second piece

i am obsessed in painting by number after my first sight of it, this is the fourth one that i paint if the small piece is counted. I considered this as my second piece. This took my longer time than the last one. because i want to make it perfect, drew every detail carefully.
After i paint this, found out i am not the perfectionist but sentimentalist. Those small portion is killing me, better just follow what my feel to paint it.

My half-way job, see something? i know myself hate green colour so much. In this peice has 7 type of green colour include mix colour.=.= I'll never get a canvas with green colour anymore.
Finally i finished it! love the water shadow! please dont tell me this canvas is better than my last peice. There have at least 3 people told me this is much pretty than the last one. I know the truth, but! last peice is more expensive than this one! although i like this one more =P
little tips for those who wants to paint colour by number : never follow the number sequence, always start from the darkest colour to the lightest colour. Or not you'll be furious when you wants to do correction. i do a lot D=

Beside that, i have plan to order 2 more canvas to paint. The struture is tempting! I have to control myself: this is the last time i buy canvas, If not, my corridor will full of canvas and my financial status will drop from well to hell (just kidding).