Saturday, July 30, 2011


Have dinner with sis and sis friend at QQ! long time dint go QQ for dinner~ this time is my turn to FRIED the food~ i heart to fried food than steamboat. i success to fried the food! see! i can cook~ =D

After that, we heading to I-city. WHAO, i never been there before. Cant wait to see the light city. it located at... somewhere i never has capability to drive there.

The light was so nice! good move to bring my cam together!

when i saw this sunflower, the shadow of SuN is in my mind~ do they look alike?

taking pic at the tail of a disnasour~it's was so huge!

accidentally saw spongebob! his nose is sp much 3D~


before going back~


Friday, July 29, 2011


welcome to know my nephew Patrick, well is it nephew? hard to differentiate the address of him haha XD he is soooo cute! got a pair of big big eyes ball~ envy!!

first time see new-born baby can open his eyes~ refresh back the last baby i saw, new-born cant open their eyes =P

My SuN want friend with Patrick~ too bad, p is still sleeping. how good to as a baby, just sleep and eat for the whole day.

SuN is calling P to become his friend~ i plan to buy a BIG sunflower for him~ should be adorable!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

someone tell me before, people is just like a magnet.
you will always friend with the person who similar with you.
i very greatful to those friend, let me know the reality in the world.
if i never knew them, i'll just live in my world, think of those naive or silly move.
thx to them, now i grew and knew very well.
a new sentences i learn
"i am where i am, because of you"
is the time for me to make decision, where should i been?

Monday, July 25, 2011

New painting

i spend almost a week to finished this medium size painting. This is interesting, but hard to paint.
after i starting the colour til number 6, i realize there are some mistake. oh my gosh! the sales girl took the wrong colour for me!! all those colour needed to be mixed. lastly i mixed myself. hope there are not much different with the real one.

almost there!! ush ush!
finally! i got it! look forward the next painting~ maybe next week?

does it nice?? i'll hang it on my living room. do free enjoy my painting =D *happy*

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Singing Competition

As you all know, which of our friend love singing the most. She is going to the competition at Sg Wang last saturday. Before the organizer changing the poster,erm..... white horse princess?? haha Finally, the poster is on. People all waiting there to win the competition. they will choose the 15 person for semifinal.

Is Vicky turn, after she sang, the judger said: can you sing more? wao~ then she get full mark of it. USHH! she also get into the semifinal~ gambatte neeh~

BTW there are lot of people go there to "play play" the singing style was.......... haha lucky vicky is not the one.

Monday, July 4, 2011


The most wonderful place for me is this shop PRE-SEN-TE! selling all the DIY thing, like the paint by number, miniature DIY, music box DIY and so on.
Thx to my cousin fetching me to IKANO, i really having a great time there. i can spend lot of time at there to choose the product. their display window have put lot of their product.
Here are one of the display of the paint by number. they are selling the finish product too. but damn expensive, some cost RM500, buy the plain piece is only RM135. After getting this, only found out purchase online is cheaper more than 50%! heart broke~~~ but nvm i'll still get the cheaper one as soon as possible.
I got myself a medium size painting 40X50 cost RM85, and buy a big size for my cousin RM135. Oh bankrupt lo! then go for my supper at Kimgary. Before going back, i have buy the currypuff to have a try. Nice! i like it =D
The next day, is the time to start painting it. this time have more difficulty than the last one, more colour and smaller. i think i need a month to finish this.
the biggest size, haha wait to see my cousin finish her work, i think she might need 1 and a half month.
this is my painting, 山水画! look warm~~ i want to hang it in my living room~
Zoom in to see, you will know how small is it. Huh! i'll try my best to colour it! wish my good luck ba =D