Thursday, June 30, 2011

Only food~~

We want to have a BREAKFAST come with bread, Lavain is our first choice~ i hate bread, but LaVain is excluded. Picking up some bread i not used to eat it, for example: banana bread. Fruit is the food i dislike the most, but this banana bread is definitely delicious~~~ 4 star rating! others is quite nice, but i still prefer the banana one.
Getting a cup of cappucinno~ nice! not too sweet and not too cream~

Abby is prepared to eat the bread instead of eating me~ haha Helen hou gang UH!

As i said, i love the banana. i think after i having this bread i'll in love with fruit =D

After the breakfast at LaVain, move to Author's (if i'm not mistaken). SEE! in the morning , my hair is curl, but now.............half straight another half is "nyawa-nyawa ikan"

Crepe Cake~ with me~ is the cake look big?
photo capture session! with normal face, evil smile, half face and big face!

For Abby is sad face, happy face, shock and behsong de face haha

Before we go back, go 拾八风味 to eat snack. this is because Abby keep saying: i have voucher leh! But the food is....... okok lo~

our shopping end here, i not spending very much, just all spend on the food! who ask me is 4*Kg meh~ hahaXD

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Finally!!! i done my piano grade 8 exam! oh my gosh! that is so so so much stressful for me, i cant stand for this stress! but i think the hope for passing the exam is very small. So チャゥさん,来年もう一度頑張ってくなさい! mean miss chew, next year please come back again! A japanese tutor tell before. Next year March or June, you all will see me stressful for a week again. haiz~~

Apparently, i feel much relief now. But the stress is still not yet gone all. After the exam, go for a mini celebration with abby and shelby. i was addicting in beverage of blended especially starbucks. We buy the voucher of Austin Chase via gourpon or my deal?only cost us RM22 instead of RM44 for 3.
We are order take away, have a look at the take away customer~~ still sit at there to enjoy the beverage.
Last but not least, i know how to cook pancakes! which is very successful~ who want pancakes? please bring honey =P

Friday, June 24, 2011

Paint By number

Recently i'm in love in those DIY thing. While i was having a look at the maniature DIY, who knows let me find out the painting. I feel interesting,then i buy 1 to have a try. I uesd to know drawing, but for now....... i am start from zero. Inside the box included all the thing i need, the brush, the colour. you can colour from the number, that why it called painting by number. I think this is for the kid to colour, but the thinner line of course need adult to colour it =P
My painting got a lot of colour, so the paper cup be the victim. Opps, a cup of water is needed while i was painting.
My cousin is same channel with me, she also bought one, we do colour together.
Her job~~ nice spongebob, btw i like it teeth.

My job~ i spend 5 hours to finish this! Now my new target is purchase a big painting to paint! USH 山水画!我来了!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


My very first DIY, feeling moment. Use all my strength to make this out. This definately can fulfill someone who love to do DIY. credit to abby, thx for the help =D

Friday, June 10, 2011


A is my sister friend {sing K}
B is my sister

A: 你喜欢吃什么水果?
B: 嗯,火龙果吧!
A: 好, 那我买火龙果给你。
B: 你早一点拿给我,我怕会坏掉
A: okok!

ready to see the 火龙果?

dang dang!

really sweat! BTW it quite cute, i heard that it come from Melaka, i should go and discover this mini fruit, i think i'll like it =D

Thursday, June 9, 2011

21st B'day party

One of the secondary friend 21st B'day is reached! Well, actually is my sister friend B'day, but i am invited! So let go! Venue located at XXX somewhere nearby PV12. Can see how happy is they reunion.
Her house~ when i reached, people are all finished their dinner, i am having my supper anyway. Here are one of my sister classmate, a violinist.
The B'day girl~ you extremely pretty tonight! hahaXD Her relative, and the third picture is TARC gang what she said, should i include inside?? =P
individul session, must take a pic with the B'day girl~ Nice cake! super chocolate!