Monday, February 28, 2011

"Just A Dream" by Nelly - Sam Tsui & Christina Grimmie

this song is definitely nicer than the original. i like it so much. enjoy~

Wednesday, February 23, 2011



Penang Trip - Part 2

Day 2- night
We went to kek lok si, a place you must go when you are in Penang. The Guan Yin is the new one, iy so grand. Angle is important for the shooting, i still need to learn more.
You must go kek lok si at night, the lighting is so stunning, i love the light effect.

Another location in kek lok si, grand and amazing. the girls~

the golden ingot we get from the kek lok si.

Day 3
our breakfast is char koay teow at sister char koay teow, delicious! i like it, not spicy at all. If i'm hungry, i think i can get 2 plate of it. sister hiong is having breakfast at sister char koay teow . XD

豆沙餅is the famous 餅 in Penang, everyone who go Penang, sure will buy this back to give their family and friend. Include us.

As i said in last post, they do really love sea. SEE! went to sea again. Too bad, i dint bring Helen down here, if not he sure want to go back to the sea.

Beside the sea, Kw and Shel is busy on searching the next location, and what BBB do?? try figure out.

There are a playground, people! want have fun? let go there, but i am just a photographer.

Temple again, but we still not pray at there, just have a look. Went to Khoo Kong Si, i dint take any picture there. I am so hot and sweat, not a good condition for me.

We are on our way back to KL, we dint go though that bridge, we go by ferry. Woo, nice try. First time to drive the car on the ferry.

Before we step into highway, go for our lunch, the seafood porridge. Well is it that called porridge, unbelievable! maybe i am a frog, really no idea about come rice cook with the soup. But nice also, i like to eat fish more than crab.

In this trip i have learned so much. what you want, you have to pay, once you get something, you must also forgone something, here are the rule for everyone who want to survive in this world. I do really pay for it, but is it worth? no one know. The most valuable i learn, GPS is important. We have to pay time to find it out the location. Last but not least, credit to Vicky and Shelby, you two are the main role in this trip. Shelby is really pay hard this time, to plan our journey. Vicky is the driver who fetch us to every location. ARIGATOU!

Penang Trip - Part 1

At CNY, our gang are going to Penang. i should post it after i am back from Penang, but i am damn busy, that why update now. i will just post it briefly, it so tired to edit all the picture.

Day 1

Depart 10 in the morning, reach at 3 something, spend 5 hour on it. Georgetown Bridge, if i'm not mistaken. Penang we are coming soon! PPisland hotel, book by mc. a quite basic hotel, anyway the facility is quite ok. located at Abu Site Lane. Credit to GPS, we only can find it out.
The first station is Toy Museum, there have a lot of legendary toy and fairy tale toy. Let me remind back my childhood memory.

Day 2
Dont know why everyone seem like love the sea so much, every vocation we will going to the beach. The hot sun is so hot, no sunblock some more, i nearly become a black.

Maybe this is the reason they like helen, make them think back the sea. nice shoot! thx Shelby~

Went to the snake temple, but nobody pray. So? We just got in and have a look at the snake. I dont like it, scary and horrible. I saw someone is taking picture with the snake, oh no! i wish i am not one of them.

Meet some traveller at there, finally we got somebody to take our group picture.

At noon, the sun is become hotter and hotter. Is the time for us to go adventure. Where should we go?

Is War Museum! i thought it was same with Toy Museum,we just have a look at the alat-alat of the war, who knows we will get into the tunnel and so on. It's quite fun, i love it.

will be continue~~

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Abby & Shelby!

A mini Birthday party for Abby and Shelby. let talk about some detail.

Venue: Sg Wang Green Box
Time : 2pm sharp
mission: give them a big surprise

Well this plan is sucess at the begining, due to Green Box is not allow to play cream, so... not that sucess at the end. Anyway, we still have fun. Shelby i am damn happy to push you to the cake! you get what you deserve =P
Our two birthday girl, dont know at all we are having a mini party for them! wao! i am one of the planner~ *happy*
Although cream is not allow, but cake is a must! Abby is allow to escape this, but not Shelby will do! Here are the consequence! haha =D

Taking some pic during the sing k sesion, we not really singing, just keep taking pic.

Last but not least, one of the group pic. thx to Esther as the photographer.

Monday, February 21, 2011


I got my new phone! since i was 16, i get my K750i and use it til now. Almost 5 years, a nice phone for me. But nowadays, it is old . So, it the time for retire! C3 will do! I choose this, due to the WIFI, and its look. Recently i love Blackberry, but i now was hand tight, anyway this phone also can fulfill my needs. Good look, nice features, WIFI, and cheap.

Credit to Vicky, you are the one who assist me decide, find the seller, and fetch me to the place to get my phone. I really appreciate! And so to that day, vicky also get her new phone.P/S: since i know her, she keep changing her phone. WAO! both of us got new phone~ *happy*


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Petaling Street

Petaling street is the place i used to go almost everyday. My tuition centre is there, so there is a place i must go. I love the food there, and my parent used to bring me there. We all going to Petaling to find Shelby present, a soft toy-spongebob. Abby is trying to fight with me, right? hou gang ar!

WAO! your hand is cute! but why just only 4 finger?

MC is hugging a big rose. Oh mon dieu! how big is it?

We suppose to find the soft toy here, unfortunately out of stock. We meet the grandfather of the bear! OMD damn big!

Before we end this journey, have a tea at OLD TOWN, we nearly to be the regular of Rampai OLD TOWN. =D

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sem 6

Now is the Sem 6 for us, time pass so fast. This sem we only have 2 subject, ME and Enterpreneur. ME is such a big barrier for me, Bahasa Melayu, i dont know you, why you come to know me?? i have much more vocabulary i dont know, even english i still cant handle it better. I just wish i can pass with a minus merit? Let see my classmate in the classroom. Finally, today we all come to college. Yesterday still got some fella miss the class. I also try on my new baby-Nokia C3 have been introduced by Shelby.
Tea break, well also count as brunch for us, Hayaki will do. A restaurant same style with Old Town, and it is beside Old Town.

The dish i share with MC, black peper marryland chicken chop and mango rice. This mango rice is delicious!

Vicky's dish, erm~~ no idea what is it, but i wont get this. Spicy i think.

WAO!! meet Bling~~ really long time no see~~enchantee!

Glad to see everyone in this Sem!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CNY activities

In this CNY, i was that busy or i can said free time for me. Went through all my relatives houses, have a seat and started to eat. Sometime there are interesting, i can have a lot of different country dishes like japanese, indonesia and definitely chinese dish. My little Helen, he like to take pic too, and he wanna to said gong xi fa chai to everyone. Maybe he can get a angpau from you all. Well lastly he get one from me =P

Sing K time! Same like last year, go out with CHEW family sing K section. Its really fun and joy. The one who likely to sing Rihana song with me. Ehem! my dear classmate, how about you all???

I really do want to post up this photo, the girls pic. But.. the weakness of my face all show up. So, a pig is better than me. The others 2 guys are joining us. pity guy~

After our wonderful section, is it 3.15 now? Tea time! bought KFCand Aunt Ann hotdog bread~
< 3

Saturday, February 12, 2011

heart broke! < / 3
gone gone and gone

Thursday, February 3, 2011

First day of CNY

First day of the Chinese New Year, i wake up in the early morning, due to my DEAR cousin. Call me last minute to hang out. The first station, go to temple. I just heard that my grandma used to come every year. You can have vegetarian dish over there, but you need to clean up the plate by yourself. Wow~ quite discipline here.
Then we go to the open house held by some famous person, but i dont know him/her. Located at JW Marriott Hotel, there are many staff welcoming the guest, and the police also assisting to maintain order. Everyone can have the buffet over there, i am not in, because there are too many people, crowded and i am still full.

Then we have a window shopping at Pavillion, assisting my mom to take some pic.

The main hall of Pavillion, there are a stall selling a candy painting. It written that nice to eat and good for collection. Really? but it look great, wish to get one~

Happy New Year to everyone!
Get many many Angpau!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011



在连三十晚,就在家慢慢享受好了。我最喜欢的中餐非Corus的明宫莫属。有琵琶豆腐,沙拉鸡,和奶油草虾。全都和好吃!I love CNY!