Thursday, July 30, 2009


tomorow ME test.....
scare scare lah....
not yet prepare....
sure fail already la.....

before ME test

about 20 hour
after this 20 hour we need to sit for our ME test
so stress and scare
i not yet prapare
and no mood to study
in my mind i just thinking
i want to watch drama!!!
i want watch movie!!!we study at OLD TOWN
Mc say she want open a NEW CITY beside it
what a good idea?
i also want open a MADAM CHEW
then on the way we studying
i look at Mc handphone
i cant stop looking at it
so cute...
influed by Mc
we need to concentrate on study
so order a drink
a coffee
and the most sexy food
hot dog or sausage
my favorite
we order the curry bread
it really really really
very very very
i cant eat it
lol kena tipu!!!
but friend
your friend me
de friend you really like to eat spicy thing
after eating what shall we do??
no no no
play game first
we need to release our stress

Monday, July 27, 2009

every time the lecture class feel so sleepy
then i play Mc finger
she wear a lot of rings on her finger
jeremy and her rings
bought at petaling stress
then every time when i as sleep
Mc drew pig at my note
alive pig> dead pig>午餐肉
then this time is equal to
Mc want to compare with it
Accept reality please
Vern paper drop from 2nd floor to ground floor
then she needed to get in back
English tutorial also very sleepy
you should know
the sleep is very important
Mc provide us a mint favorite sweet
come from Thailand
really feel like Thailand
mont until i almost dead in the mint
i swear i wont get it again
afterward i get this sweet
this one who called it sweet
so nice~~~
but not sour at all
i curi curi take Ms Puva photo
dont tell her~~

Saturday, July 18, 2009

went Vern and bamboo house

today i went Vern and bamboo house
to ask Vern teach me account
but fail already
we lazt to study
just play and having fun
this one i play in a long hour
only get the red colour become 1 piece
tired already...
no mood study liao~~this 2 is bamboo and Vern de pillow...
the thin 1 is Vern de
and bamboo 1 is green colour and big 1
her darling....

and today is my first day really become a teacher
teaching piano at MASSEN
they hire me become a piano teacher
so happy and glad
i have 2 student...
but sallary very low...
coz i am just teaching 2 student...
but it ok...
for experience
here the piano
and the place to let my student doing their thoery
the first student is nice
but at first i so scare...
coz she don't want talk to me
after i talk alone about 15 minute
she only talk to me
then i only know she is clever
and friendly
she just 6 year old....

the second one....
no comment already...
she didn't come to my class...
and let me wait her for half an hour....

Thursday, July 16, 2009


today me MC Kh go GK to drink tea....
before that we go into a shop~~
spend lot of money...
we get a nose mask...
i try it with Kh...
sot sot de us~~~
after trying....
no use at all...
waste money...the cleaning nose mask....
but the smell nice....
after that go pasar malam
with Verin and Kh....
Kh steal ppl de fruit and eat it...
bad le her~~~
this time we really bought the fruit...
my lovely durian....
RM10 for 3 durian....
it nice....
at first i would like to eat it with a fork...
but....both of them
so my hand full of smell of durian...
i dont know how to open the durian
then Kh say she know...
then let her do it
she realy know how to open it...
sasuga obasama~~~
she look so concentrate
when open the durian....
hey hey look at here leh~~~
she eat a lot
me and Vern eat woth very enjoying
then she say this no poison one...
can eat it faster one~~~
other thing i bought at GK
is this
to curl my hair one...
you should know i like curl hair de la...
but dont know work ar not
so i let a straight haot people try first...
conclusion-no usethen i lend my fake hair to Kh
let her to wear it...
first time know you also can be a woman
sp happy meh???
looking at the mirror...
smile happily....
next day
i try the it on my hair
after that
show your all my curl hair...
curl ma??
give some comment...

Thursday, July 9, 2009


That HE lecturer......
when starting the class...
dare he talking on the phone....
let me show his bad to everybody~~~~~ At the PA block...
bling and KH playing at there~~~
recently we like to go house cafe
to having a pearl milk tea~~
our favourite.....
but....Mc what are you doing??
wanna doing a same pose with that guy....
but your eyes really......SAME with him~~
at night...
my dear friend Leeping
come my house
get out!!!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

petaling street

today mun,miao and me go petaling street.....i miss here so much.....last year almost everyday i come her for tuition at kasturi......but most of the time we go walk walk de......miss bear also~~~ we always go there 1~~~~
we go by the bus.......we would like to go SingMa eat lunch.....but when we reach brankrap already.... so shock~~~~then no choice i bring them to chong hwa lane coz my dad like to bring me there eat the fish ball noodles ........haiz......he cant bring me there again~~~~ after that we go buy a lot of brankrap la......miao sit at there look so many thing she need to think leh~~~~
mc and me~~~
i buy the paste finger nail really very jian leh.....not nice....
mc buy de.....handphone acc........and the sticker for her handphone~~~
look so nice leh......