Thursday, September 24, 2009


09/10 season of MPO
i am so interest to go
but but but
i not yet buy the ticket
i so expect to goespecially
Symphony no. 5
but i think i cant go
the ticket should be sold out
so regret i didn't get it early

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shopping at TQ

After my undang test
i quickly rush to Time Square
i take bus W12 to CHow Kit
and get monorail to TQ
but when i reach CHow Kit
don't know how to go monorail station
then i faster called Munching
lastly luckily i found the way to the station
when i reach TQ
my image became........
no face see people already
we had lunch at Food and Tea
while waiting the food coming
long time no see Christina
become more beautiful already
my rice is fish egg rice
but don't let it cheat
inside the rice all
is ALL
Christina one
is duck meat noodless
but too many noodless
our dessert

wanna make a heart shape
but fail already
the end~~~
i pass my undang test
i get 48/50
so happy
but something very angry one
dat uncle who teach me driving de
NOT good!!!
he said 9am come fatch me to the test
but but but
10am only come
and then
when i reach there
i am the 1st one
and the only one who go for the test
who know the printer also sot
lol an unlucky day
after that i still need rush to TQ
to meet Christina

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

undang undang!!!
tomorow is my undang test
i already spend whole day
doing revision
hope i wont fail

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Loreal Warehouse Sales

Today Corus hotel
ballroom had a Loreal warehouse sales
all the item is so cheap
i bought a lot
now already bankrap.....
after that i and my sister
go KLCC having our lunch
on the way
i saw a shopmunching!!!!!
this shop is suit for you
go and have a look
all is bag bag bag bag!!!
when i go into KLCC
the center desire is nice
we go sushi king
long time dint go
green tea with the fried tamago
my sister like to tamago so much
me too~~~
i love TAMAGO=egg
another tomago sushi
this one also is my favorite
every time eat sushi sure order it
my sister 1
udon mee tempura
no comment on it....
my 1
nice hor???
miso soup and ......
but it is prawn
dont know my back will become how?
i saw a good game
challenge to eat a big bowl of noodles
who dare go and try???
Venice let go!!!
the things that i bought....
da da da~~~
straight ma
straight ma???

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Green box.......Daiso

Finally we finish our exam!!!
Vicky today is our sing k day~~~
finally !!
so happy today...
so sad that Venice cant join us
never mind
we have many chance~~~at green box
we had eat salad
Vicky's 1 is the left
anf my 1 is the right many different
the right 1 is sister hiong de
eat salad or drink it???
and then our friend
wish to go Daiso
then we all go there to clear stock
i just bought 3
all relate to my CURL hair
nice mouses!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Italy Pizza corn

Nearby my house there
have a new
Italy Pizza restaurant
so we all would like to try it
Xiao Weii , Pui Wen , Li Yin
MunChing and me
go there to having our lunch
but the waitress look so blur
dont know how to take order
needed another waiter to assist her
lastly we take our order
we eat almost the same our starter is
garlic bread and mushroom soup
the soup and the bread is delicious

this is our main dish
but it look like taste ok
but when i have it
the bread so hard to eat
the taste also no so good
when i ate half way
i already give up
no only me
Li Yin, Xiao Weii, Munching
also give up to eat it

at the end only Pui Wen can finish eat it
you are the person who really wont watse food
leng lui LiYin~~~
Xiao Weii~~~so funny

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

study group

when the exam time
almost everyday i go GK
go their house to
having study group
but not every time success
when we reach their house
we all starting to do something
see munching
everyday everyday play this

actually me also la
it fun!!!


sometime we also success
we go house cafe
old town
to study
finish drinking also not yet start study
bamboo think how to start the study group
venice also dont know how to teach us~~
but lastly we also can solve some of the question
thanks a lot
my friend!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Panmee Day

today is thursday
any express???
lol nobody will take notice of me
they will ignore me
i am so pity
nobody accompany me go pasar malam
as you all know my favorite place
is pasar malam
because there are a lot of delicious food
so today my friend Christine accompany me
go pasar malam
we go eat panmee~~~
because i dont eat vegetable
my panmee is empty one~~~
nice hor....
really very
really very empty....

Tuesday, September 1, 2009