Sunday, November 22, 2009

KK dinner

tonight my mom dint cook for us
so me and my 2 sister
so KK to having our dinnerorder satay
look so oily but i like it
mee family i eat u all leh
i dont like it
but i love~~~
elder sister eating satay
hey girls you said keep fit wor
they ignore me continue eating

Wangsa Walk Mall---->JJ---->Desa

Get ready to Wangsa Walk Mall
but cinema is not open yet
had a karaoke there but
there are so expensive
per hour RM18
having my brunch at the ???cafe
ate the pandan rice curry chicken
it was so so so spicy
i cant ate it at all
hey friend dont order this!
afterward we went to our next stop
Jaya Jusco

lastly we go Desa for a walk
looking for the cream use to straightening hair....

Friday, November 20, 2009

Pavilion + 2012

today our G13 first time hang out
there are so excited
9 person go Pavilion with bus
include me....
we go to cinema to meet our friends
and my best friend too
ask her hang out with G13
we go and watch 2012
what a nice movie
before that we all decided to having our lunch first
we were so hungrykityeng serve the dish for Northman
so funny they expression
we separated into 2 gang
so 6 of us having a nice time there
go toilet shooting with Christina
we were mad...
take a lot of picture
Pavilion look so nice
cant wait to took picture with it....
after we watching 2012
everybody were went back
just left me and Christina
we go for our second round
Happy 4 season
but but but
i spend 2 hour to reach there
from Sungai Wang to Wangsa Maju
oh my god
when i at the car i felt like want to vomit
how good driving skill he had????
lastly i still alive to reach there
i had the marble cheese cake
my small birthday cake
the first person who celebrate my birthday for me
thanks Christina...=)

Monday, November 16, 2009

roller skate

Esther too scare to play roller skate
see her face become so.........

Friday, November 6, 2009

Straightening my hair

Vicky, hiong and miao
come my house
to help me straighten my hair
then hiong also interest to do that
so Vicky need to straighten 2 person hair
so hard for her
thx so much my dear friend
we start at 4pm until 7somethingbefore start Vicky look like what go surgery

then hiong are in the process
so pretty leh~~~@.@

then my turn
my hair so long
so it spend lot of time
finally my hair become straight
no more maggie
and i cant ask curl ma curl ma any more
sob sob sob

Sunday, November 1, 2009


first time go Orchestra with my friend
Mc, Vicky, Bamboo, Cvern and sY
it really excited
morning 10++am
bamboo them come my house
to make up and set our hair
we spend lot of time on itMc also set her hair become curl
it nice~~~
mature and Sexy
my hair had some problem
no so nice when see at the back
front i think okay lah
Bamboo look so pretty with her make up
pretty Mc~~~
the CARMEN really nice
hope can watch once more time