Thursday, July 22, 2010

my kancil

my silly kancil really bring me a lot of troble
first and foremost it is no sound effect for me
make me dont have the right to sound
secondly, the bonnet and the door of my kancil
cant treat them softy
must kuat kuat hit them only listen to me
it is so difficult to refill the oil
and now the cover of the 油箱spoil already
whole pic came out
what did my sister done to it
usually i dont touch this part of my car
see so small de cover cost me RM92
WTH with this,
that feller said: this one is original
i would cost you expensive one
and we dont sell 翻版
GTH la you!
i will get better price at other shop
the most important is he serve us badly compare to serving my mother
with my mom=smile like a tiger
with us= no face impression
i swear that i wont consume at this shop anymore
nearby Sri Rampai called AJ *******

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


i am back~~~~
although i have been for a long time dint update my blog
it just 4 month i think
lol 4 month only ma...
i do nothing wor
i really nothing de wor...
here i want to share my loving McD
Filet-O-fish set
with double~~~
really costly compare to the single one
i can buy 2 set filet-O-fish set at 12pm-3pm
but i would like to try it
so induce me get one
it can fulfill me for A WHILE
because i can eat 2 at one time
single one is better~~
show you someone who has been missing for a long time
Bucky~~~miss you so much
you dearest aunt MC is looking another of you
wish to get one for her

dont look at me like this la~~
i will paise leh~~ >.<
p/s:this picture took for last sem i think
i am working!!
at?? KLCC Party Princess (last sem break)
and now i can shout: i USED TO work there
i trust that you all know what i am saying
need to find another new partime job for my sem break
go for travel?? Thailand? Pinang?? Taiwan??
when i was working
i saw something catch my attention
what that??
a pillow! look a like with my LENG ZAI
both of them really same with my LENG ZAI
it is the 缩小版of my LENG ZAI
wish to bring it home
but..... my sipervisor dont allow me to do this
this took recently
last week our big sister BBB overnight at my house
so she bring her lovely ORANGE too~~~
then i put it at next beside the driver seat
how cute it is > 8 <

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

old pic

i found some old pic that i took before
but i have not chance to show it out
now it the time~~ my LENG ZAI is here
taking pic with me and Shel
see how old this pic it?
Shel still with her LONG hair
my pillow very fashion one
now popular with flower
so he trying to wear a flower SHIRT
my bear~~ dacing at my bed
how cute >3<
this is the most modern mirror own by abby
seldom see this type od mirror
abby keep it well leh~~
maybe it can be a curio

this is BBB Ex-phone
same with her keyboard

lastly end with my last year birthday present
i want to show it at last year
but i forgot already
nice piano and cello
i love it so much
thx my dear friend~~~~

Friday, July 16, 2010

Old Town-Sri Rampai

Old Town recently is the popular dine place for G13
almost every break time we also go Old Town or McD
any other choice??
although Sri Rampai Old Town is nearby our college
but we wont go there
the food is average but the sevice is the worst i went there for long time ago
i and my sister have a seat for about 3minute
nobody realize that we are came in
it isnt a problem if there were busy on their work
but look
what are they doing?
gossip at the counter
zoom in
we wanna to take an order
how good are they services?
i have order an ice-cream
to serve for an ice-cream i dont think that will need more than 10 minute
but it do cost me spend half an hour to wait for an ice-cream
wasting my time
and spoil my mood~~~
well last sunday i been there again
the services has changed
the worker was efficient compare to last time
i trust that the manager has done something to train their worker
lucky their change their attitude
if not, nobody would like to been there
that OldTown is 24 hour service~~~
good i can go there for anytime =)

Monday, July 12, 2010

making process for a pancake

let me show you how to make a pancake
it is really easy for everyone
pour some water and the flour
doing an sucessful pose

pour the liquid into the pan

while waiting it
try another pose
like looking at it friendly
our trophy
isnt it look like a pancake
WELL nothing to comment
p/s: can i called as a trophy??
add in some butter and honey
it will sound better
last but not least. we can en joy our PANCAKE now doesnt look like a pancake
well no bad la
who interest to eat??
i can make for you...for free~~