Wednesday, March 17, 2010


our group 13 having a tea break
nearby my house
we order ICE snow
mango ICE snow
order by abby and shelby
both BY
have mango fruit and some jelly

same mango ICE snow
by BBB
add in a lot of choco

mocha ICE snow
me and Bling order one's
have MC favorite banana and pearl

add in lot of choco, and some silly thing
it look....GREAT

Abby happy to finish this ICE snow
her smile so HAPPY

but i prefer this pic better
see no face leh~
if no country is better~~

nelson , venice and esther
three of them smile like i force them to take pic
what a nice smile~~~

Bling said she also dont want show her eyes
then this pic will be nice
still leng lui la

anson holding the menu
like very yeng
wa ka lu gong..u da mai zau~~

~the end~

Saturday, March 13, 2010








Saturday, March 6, 2010


Went carefour with vicky and venice
accompany them to buy food
first time go there with friend
i usually go with my mom both of them go shop for their snack
gan liang~~

suddenly found out a coffee machine
vicky so happy hor?

having a 70sen coffee there
so enjoy our shopping~
sambil jalan sambil minum kopi

venice de~~
it is ok la
but so many maggie hor~~
venice you like me so much meh?
p/s :my nickname is maggie

vicky bee buy de food
so many..
she can eat up to 3 month i think
and her waist sure will thick 3 cm also
(dont tell her oh!)

from left to right
me , venice , and vicky~
see how long is the receipt
~the end~

i used to scare of a puppy

she ignore me
coz i am croco~~
but i used to scare puppy anymore~~
look~ my hand there~
i dare to touch her...
coz she wont bite me~~
love her so much

super cute~~
but too noise..
so my friend no energy to look at her

like a snake
lying at there~~
love her so much~~
plan to get one if possible

Friday, March 5, 2010


because of this appointment
i miss the chance go genting
with all my dear friend
i went to the clinic since i was four
there nothing change
all is the same with past
look at the air-con
have the old man smell
the dentist check my teeth and said
"you teeth so dirty
i need to wash it
you really dont know how to brush teeth"
then he talk about my jaw
if you were my friend you should know
when i open my mouth
got some sound effect
this is very serious
if i dint take action
my jaw willl.................
what should i do???
take surgery or...
let it remain same??
something change in this clinic is
the price!
fill a tooth just RM80 something
i wash my teeth is costing RM125-180
why so expensive??

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

face mask

today spend a lot of money
on my lovely face
15 mask + german de clearing cream + "empure"
cost RM250++
bankrap lo!!
lucky my banker assist me~~
thx mom~