Thursday, April 5, 2012


I do really hate exam, i used to not afraid of it but when time by time, thing changed a lot. I believe when we are on our primary or secondary school, exam time we don't flip the book and we even don't know those textbook knowledge at all eg. physic, add-math or moral? Don't know why when we step into college life, all the subjects we have to know or if we don't know we still have to memorize it.

It quite stress for me, i really wish i could find a way to release those stress. i hate when i got into this situation, i'll lost my appetite, then lose my weight or even feel sickness. Of course, exam is include my piano grade. that is the worst exam i even had, not only expensive but unpredictible exam question will be come out. althought i've been through the exam, but my mood can't back to normal. my life is still tension and felt like i've something has not done yet. i hope the time will stop between april and may, and june never come, i don't think i can face another failure.
By the way, thanks all my friends and family accompany me through this, appreciate those beautiful word you all use to comfort me, and listen for my complain. It not easy for me, but at least i made it.
Love your 3D card~ it does surprise me! my raddish can play is also =P he like instrument~

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Advanced Diploma?

i'm back~~~~~~
i'm now a advanced diploma student, technically i was been there for two semester-ABM4. Mostly, the hardest thing in advanced diploma is study & exam, but for us only thinking about FOOD.

Everyday our main question always to be: where we are going to eat later?
this is the hardest question for all of us, and no one could answer this. *headache* But because of craving of food, F5/H5 going out whole day just for food.
F5/H5- we all just going to have a breakfast but end up we had our breakfast+lunch+high-tea+ dinner, althought tired but we all having a great time . The most unforgetable thing was we are dressing super casual eg. we are going to pasar malam or makmak. This experiance tell me: next time go out with them must dress nicely, no matter where we are going.
Credit to Boss~ bring us to this 留香or what? We had taste the most delicious pig knuckles in this area which located at sentul some where. i'm miss that pig knuckles and the special home-made sources, it is so irresistable~Nobody can resist freebie include us. Starbucks is giving out grand size frapuccinno when earth hour at any outlet. This is out time to be actived, hohohoho~ of course we got what we want except abby, she over took "Lucas" frap.
Since i have done my ENG presentation, i'm totally in love with Subway. *i mean i want to try once* heading for Subway breakfast because it has egg and ham which i like, and the price is cheaper than usual.

Overall the sandwichs is nice, althought it looks not so delicious, for my long term health i think i'll still eat it =P

So in this 2nd Sem of my advanced diploma 7 weeks, is just thinking about food~ i guess i'm gaining weight, is good for me right?

p/s: picture took from @abby@WX@MC, i din't mean to stole your pic de oh~~