Saturday, December 31, 2011


2011 , in this year i felt all my blogger friends are become so lazy or fed up in blogging? no more update when i log in to my blog. Include myself also did not update *guilty*
why thing change? I'm sure is due to laziness~ people! update please! wanna know your latest news~

Back to my topic 2011, i have make lot of fun in this year. Such as? Ochado! owh~ love this milktea so much, especially roasted milktea with azuki bean & pearl. BUT i still chatime fan while promotion is on.Go for a super boring talk at PWTC~ we have not listened to the talk, our actvities- watching OP thru the phone and listen music~ Then we have a great shot! face portion for me and yining is 0%! so we are damn pretty is this pic~XD

Randomly go sing k while we are half way shopping~ Shopping ar!!!! i miss you so much!! i wan NY cloth~~

this christmas was so special~ we get present from Abby! *happy* never thought someone will present us at Christmas. When i get my present-pig. She is blind! poor little thing, your maker accidentally make you blind, but you'll recover soon.
See, how cute is it? i really appreciate your work! like this so much, she is going to stay in my music box for her rest of her life.
ps: she sure be glad, only important thing to me will go into my music box =D
Another stuff, recently i'm crazy buying and using mask from my scheming~ do buy a lot! who ask the impact of rebonding hair is still remain. My pimples is become more and more after that. So much worry! hope it will help @.@
New family members are in! big sunflower and little bear~~ big sunflower from my sis as graduation gift and little bear from Abby and Yining~ *appreciate*

The bear is come with chocolate~ Thx you both coming for my mini concert! Really appreciate your support!
Another Christmas from the steamboat party which held by Esther. Always want a dust-bin, Haha when drawing the present, i got it! but it too small~ T.T will get a bigger one on next year.
On Christmas eve, going out with Shelby and her friend (which is my new friend) have lot of fun at Kaiso~ the stuff selling at Kaiso is cheap and in quality! the pen is just cost 70sen! seldom see a decorate pen selling in this price~ i definately going to back to shop next time. Kaiso is located at FCKL, opposite Popular.
This year bday i was so surprise! the old G13 is coming *happy* i got my favorite- marble cheese cakes~ thx you guy celebrate my bday! Meaningful pic in 2011 =D

Not to forget, another touching moment! Music box is my favorite since i'm kid, i really never thought that some one will buy me a music box! this is the most most most meaningful present to me! thx NAKAMA!
ps: thx to the one who behind this, you know i'm saying who.
Recently addicted in One piece anime, buy many unless stuff, but i still like it. Minimum expenses is about RM50, T.T will not buy anymore! * after i get merry and sunny!
Last but not least, have to think about my new hairstyle for next year, should i remain the same? or make ir curl? dye? T.T i have difficulty in decision making~

A happy year to me? yes! but i want more! if no more exam on this moment, i'll feel better!
Wish me good luck on my exam! =D

Christmas Eve

We have no plan on Christmas Eve! why? we have no kaki! so countdown, forget about it! Then we just go FCKL to have our dinner~
Then we go to Parkson and play with those toys * i like toys =P
Found a super duper big caterpillar, it size is same as a human size! shock! then we keep playing on it.
We spend hours in Parkson, i definately like toys! buy me buy me! hahaXD But so expensive selling in Pakson~ Dunwan lo~ i'm poor guy~
Suddenly we saw lot of hallo kitty product-for kid use. then Shel very happy, took every single bag and put it on. So shy @.@ coz the staff is staring at us~
Shel is keep play aroung~ she is having fun~ she sure like toys XD

Last but not least, we had countdown for Christmas! at? 20.23! because we cant wait til 12pm~ So a early countdown for us! hahaXD it's FUN! Have another shoot on next countdown? =D