Wednesday, January 26, 2011


A joke about the songs and the singer, it quite funny. accidently see it in the youtube, someone leave a comment.
When Justin Bieber said he was having a baby, Bruno Mars threw a grenade at him and said: You're gay!! Then Katty Perry threw some Fireworks. Which made Lady Gaga call Alejandro for help, Rihanna was scared the world would end, so she took drugs and forgot her name. Eminem said: im not afraid of dying. Britney told Rihanna drugs were toxic and Rihanna told her: Go work as a circus clown, u freak! Erique liked it. Finally, Nelly woke up saying: Phew! it was just a dream.

Monday, January 24, 2011

My first car accident

car in french, no need any accent.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

CNY biscuit

in the process , i am the assistant for packaging the biscuit.

This is my favorite biscuit, peanut! love love love!

DA DA! all of the consequent is here. LOL spend 2 days just made those fewer biscuit. Maybe all in my stomach~=D
P/S: when i am packaging, i am also eating the biscuit.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Makan Sendiri

CNY is coming soon, my house is full of the smell of butter, flour, sugar, peanut and so on. My mom is damn busy on baking the biscuit for the CNY as a gift to give my relative. I will not have that determination to make such a trouble biscuit to anyone. Now is the time to let me learn independent, my mom is not going to cook the dinner and lunch for us. Maggie mee will do for my lunch. This is not a normal maggie, this is the legend maggie! i like it so much! Same like the maggie i always eat at outside restaurant~ Dinner will go for Ayam Mas! Buy is better than i cook myself. I dont know cooking.

I used to love it, but now there are too many competition. But i still like this chicken~ black paper! No spicy at all!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Vicky propety

Our big sister Vicky Bee is going back to Kuatan today. Before she left, she bring her Bubble to me. Bubble need a holiday, so my place become her wonderful holiday main point. I have lot of toys accompany her to spend this CNY. Helen will be happy~ this girl definitely not eating fish.

She also bring me a few novels. I like to read book , any story book that are full of word. Munder story i have not try before. Well, this is not horrible at all. I just spend half day to finish 1 book. I wish to get more novels, to fulfill my holidays~

Anyway. Thx Vicky Bee provide me the book and bubble. I'll have a nice holiday!

bonne vacances!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sunway pyramid shopping mall

Sunway pyramid Shopping Mall which far and difficult to go, for me la~Our fantastic driver Vicky Bee decided go there with her GPS. I am sit next to the driver seat, obviously i am gonna to assist her look at the GPS. This GPS really not smart that i think, always give wrong direction (or maybe my fault) .

After an hour we only can reach there. Public holiday is not that suitable to hang out, there are too many people and car crowding over the Mall and carpark. Erm~ next time i know what should i do. Looking for the carpark need half an hour, this is not a good experience, costly and tired. But the most tired one is our driver, gokurou-sama! Finally! We got a parking! Thanks god! the time is 4 o'clock in the afternoon.

Take a picture for the grand Honda~ 辛苦你了!

I am just too hungry, wearing a pair of 3 inch high heel shoe. Need a place to rest and fill up my stomach.

Ichiban Ramen Restaurant, it written that KL Pavillion also have it outlet, it is the ichiban i went before?

The environment is good~ but how the food? I love tatami, a tradition restaurant.

With my pretty friend again~

I order chicken don as the main course, a miso soup and a few slide of watermelon. This is delicious, anyone who like cawan mushi can try this. The egg above the rice are same taste with cawan mushi, include some crab meat!

Gyoza, another japanese food. But you should not try this, the look is nice, but the taste is bad, all ajinomoto. For me tasteless.

In my new record, i have 5 friends own I-phone, include my cousin is 6. I-phone user should learn this. Download game as much as you can.

Sunway is such a enjoyable shopping mall, someone are performing music.

I am craving for the Mcd twist for a few month, at first i can found it at Wangsa Maju Jusco, now is no more.
I got a few outfit from Sunway, my friend and Vicky also. Vicky got 2 cute dolphin, too bad forgot to take their picture, I waiting you to upload them!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cheras Connaught Night Market

Night Market always be my favorite place to look forward the food. Luxury restaurant is not my tea, i'll choose quality of food but not only the environment. Going to Nightmarket is definitely will spend over my budget, one piece of 50 ringgit is not enough for the journey.

Well, before going to the Night Market, good new declare here! We are having sem break now~ No more exam in our brain. We 'll not wake up in the midnight due to the nightmare of exam.

After the last paper-BEC the most tough paper. I wish i'll not face it again. Sing k sesion is the next. Flashback last sem, this definitely our tradition, time change everything, time also prove our friendship which i dont want to mention. I got every fishball i wish to eat in the Nightmarket, even i get a toy from there. What a surprise! i love fish recently, it look like ABBY show me before that Pink Helen. It jsut cost me RM15.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sometimes do not understand, each time repeating the same thing back. Every time again, will tell myself: I will not like this, will not let myself regret, and so on. However, each time failed. Repeated again and again, less and less patience. Now really understand what it meant to皇帝不急,太监急.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011



Sunday, January 9, 2011


My favorite pillow is made by my beloved mother. That pillow is made by real cotton, without any impurities. I love it so much, it is soft and comfortable. But the cotton is hard to get , i just knew that can get it from Shah Alam, is too far for me. My mom found the cotton at Setapak Jaya Pasar Malam. She only got one pack, because the seller only left one. WAO! I can get another "lengzai" soon!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year Gift for the child

Nowadays the children is happiness, when any festival come we should prepare some present to them, to cheer them up. New year obviously is the time to give them a present as a new year gift. The person in charge of the centre assist the tutor prepare this wonderful gift, contain two chocolate. In my childhood memories, i do not receive such a gift in the new year. This what we called the world has changed.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Just finish the BA paper,Business Accounting is the most headache subject for us. Most of us are studying this until 4 o'clock in the morning. Well, everyone look messy, energy-less and tired. At least we done 2 paper, another 3 paper is coming soon.

Anyway, our birthday girl-Munching, is our main point here! We celebrate her birthday at Wong Kok Chan Teng. Erm~ we are look forward the big glass of milk tea~ Our birthday-girl. She look so tired. but never mind, nature is beauty.
Vicky is going to drink it all, see her smile~

Esther and CV, hey! esther dont drink it, is for Mc leh!

Aiya~take pic with this giant milk tea! so glad~

erm~ i know this pic both of your look are not so nice, but i already upload it. so... is too late...

Kw: you tau ke tak tau?

Group picture always be the major. thx our photographer-Vicky

Here are our birthday girl, i try my best to edit this, but it still not so nice, i am not good in edit photo. FREN! just receive it la~ haha =D HAPPY BIRTHDAY FREN!


Life Frame -Asus Application

Life frame, a application from Asus laptop. I accidently found out , you can take pic, record video, record sound track, and so on. We try on the camera using the webcam. My webcam is blur but the camera sound interesting.

A weird Shelby
A real laughing expression from us

Panda face !
p/s: the pic make us cant stop laughing

Oppss~ Shel is facing mirror

We are being wanted!

Pass! Pass! Pass! Final must be pass!

Erm~~ is the time to sleep~

End with a beard pic!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Eve

New Year Eve is a day we should celebrate together. In the past, i will not celebrate on this. Maybe i am not in the mood of it. 2010 is the year i spend with my college friend, a wonderful year. So, we should have a plan on it. We spend so many days on planning this important day, well, it fail . Let go with our unexpected feeling. First round, we go with Nando's. Western food is our choice. Everyone are enjoy it.
Then have a walk at Suria KLCC. Look at them, a night without any title.

Erm~~ just stop by. At this moment, we don't know that here are the place we are going to countdown later.

Second round, Old Town. Although is located at JLN Yap Kuan Seng, but you are still Old Town. In this few sem, we go frequently to this cafe due to our coursework. UNO card is playing a main role here. While waiting Mc and the firework, we have a game on it.

Mc is here! As a super driver, she just spend half an hour to reach Old Town! Cool~

Group picture is a must for me. i wish i could capture it better, but.....technical problem-my hand is short.

Third round, i think so. Walk into the fountain that i mention just now. There are so many people include black and white, yellow is fewer. Its okay, we still have a great time.

While waiting to countdown. The environment is bad, somebody is smoke, shouting, performing, and capturing. People are crowded, lucky we got a space to wait .

3, 2, 1 ! Boom! firework~haha just count by myself.

We all get home safe! Without any damage ! Reach home at 1.30am, a new record for me!
Last but not least, A very Happy New Year to everyone! May all your wish come true!
Let welcome 2011!