Friday, December 20, 2013

Greece~ Santorini~Oia

The start of our backpack journey is going to Santorini-Oia. The experience of spending a night in the airport has make us become zombie. However, when we step into Oia, we has been motivated by the food and the view of Oia. Since we have stayed at Liverpool for 3 months, Liverpool weather is kinda cold, but Santorini is very hot and feel like a summer. Coke has become a must to us and it is the first time i fall in love with coke xD. 

First thing we do in Oia is food hunting. Is about lunch time we reached Oia, then we started to look for our lunch. We been to a restaurant ( i forgot what the name is ) to have Greece cuisine.
This is the pork souvlaki, it consist small pieces of pork and vegetables grilled on a skewer.

The next dishes is everyone fall for - moussaka. quoted by Nelson, moussaka will never get tired >.< but after few days staying at Greece, it has become the least favorite food in the table.

Cant really recall what this call, but according to the phone behind, i think is a lamb, the taste is also quite unique.

This is beef with rice, the portion of beef is equal to the rice. Not very suit for people who like to eat rice more than meat such as Bro Chew.

A picture on the table is a must. Too bad i don't have a group picture of us ( shy to ask waiter for picture)


After having a wonderful lunch, we going back for a break. A nap will do, and our Vicky, as usual sleep like a trombone. Regret doesn't have enough space to bring my pillow T^T.

Before the dinner, we take a walk over Oia. Its really a beautiful place for us to relax, enjoy and food-hunt. In every single comer we step in , we may find surprise. The view is fantastic and fantasy, we can only see white and blue. And the time we taking picture is almost at nightfall, the light has make the picture prefect. How i wish i could stay in one of the villa/hotel, of course with a private pool ^^ 

The night view of it. Since it is the first time we been here, we don't know that we should walk until the end to see another view of Oia. i'm a slow walker, thus,this is the best view we see tonight. Luckily Chun Jie is a fast walker, he been to the castle at the end of the path, and capture some nice picture which urge us to go on the next morning.

Dinner time! we found this vocation-feel restaurant.  

And yes table for 8.  This restaurant also provide live band. all those songs are very country feel.

Appetizer is greek salad. well, this taste was like........ yea i don't like it. But some of my friend do like it.

Our all time favorite moussaka, at the meantime we still like it.

i think is a lamb >< again i can't really remember what is it.

My dish, kebab. I hate vege, always. so the vege i didn't take it and the salad source, it is too much for me. End up i just ate pita and the meatloaf. the meatloaf has consist lamb and beef. i couldn't finish it, it is too much meat for me ><

The next morning, we wake up early to enjoy the breakfast provide by the villa's owner. i found out butter and strawberry jam is prefect together. p/s: i hate strawberry jam before i go to uk.

Then we walk again in Oia before we off to Fira .

Another view of Oia.

love the blue roof <3 p="">

I insist to buy a straw hat, not because of One Piece, i feel like being a tourist must be wearing a straw hat.  hahaxD and my hair has become messy once i started backpack, with a hat maybe can hide my messy hair. End up i succeed to buy myself a straw hat. Wanted to be a tourist doesn't easy for us, it cost us 10euro for the straw hat. My purse is bleeding TT___TT

With the straw hat, all the picture look stunning hahaha

This a the villa we stay, villa pezoula. It is the opposite side of the sea side.

Outside of the villa, have such a nice view.

the owner of the villa, he is very enthusiasm, for me is over enthusiasm >< but the service is good and the villa very clean and comfort. Now is the time we off to Fira!

to be continue....

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