Monday, December 23, 2013

Greece~ Athens

 We take the evening flight from Santorini to Athens, when we reach Athens already in the midnight. So we only can go to the attraction on the next day. i'm glad i still am a student and with the international student card we can get into all the attraction free of charge! The top view from Acropolis.

A group picture before everyone of us get tired. When we get tired, our face sure look bad, great to take a picture before our journey start.

The Odeon of Herodes Atticus, looks small in the picture xP

Odeon of Herodes Atticus with me and sookie. When we going into the attraction, the staff warn us, toys cannot take picture in here. By the time i'm taking picture with sookie, we thought they are joking. ><  After the staff see what am i doing, they come and stop me and insist me to delete the picture in-front of them. This is the only picture survive.

Erechtheion, another place where gods stay. * this is what i heard from the others*

Another top view.

Me with the flag of Greece.

Ignore my face, not my angle but i insist to get a picture with this place. something like Odeon of Herodes Atticus, but i can't find its name.

Another group picture after few hours walking. i think people can see what are we wearing, it is " i love Santorini" we bought it on the last day we spend at Santorini, haven't get the chance to wear it. Then we decide to wear in at Athens. Whoaa! what a daring move, we never think of the consequences. The consequences is everybody will stare at us at laugh or smile or saying: you love santorini? very good! It a complimentary or derogatory? We still yet find out. Something make us warm is a tourist asking us for picture because of the shirt we wearing. i think should be something good right?

Next attraction, Temple of Olympian Zeus. The only picture was taken far away. >< i guess the lady who help us took this picture doesn't know we want to be seen in the picture. i did cropped it to make it look nicer.

In the afternoon we have finish most of the attraction, then its the time for tea break! we love 3.3! Went into this coffee shop to taste Greek coffee.

This handsome barista serve our Greek coffee. Its interesting to see the coffee boil inside this small tinny thing.

the process of doing the Greek coffee has impress us. He put the coffee bean dregs into the container and boil with the sand, i think bottom of the sand must be heating.  The coffee will boil up, then Greek coffee is ready! The taste feel rustle and i can feel the coffee bean dregs, it is very rich and bitter. i like it so much! we all love it, we even went to this shop on the next day. I will insomnia if i take coffee or tea, but maybe i was too tired in the trip, i sleep very well even i take Greek coffee two days in a roll.

Outside the coffee shop, there is a cute lady selling sweetcorn with unique flavor such as butter with salt, lemon butter and black pepper. i tried butter with salt and lemon butter, i think i'll stick to the original flavor hahaxD the lady is sweet, put the Greece flag on the sweet corn! i brought the small flag back! hohoho spotted Wong is behind trying to be photo-boom.Love our tea break, Greek coffee and sweet corn, they are prefect together!

According to my perception of Athens, there should be hot and i can wear singlet and short walk in the street. But i don't know why, the time we stayed, its cool! looking at my purple GAP, i know the weather is not normally cold >< i miss my hair during the trip, my hair always look great while i'm oversea =) is my hair implying i should go oversea again? ^^

Dinner time! Fanta at Athens is great and nice! compare to Malaysia, i'll not want to buy it at all. Why malaysia fanta so much different! i miss Greece! =(

This is the last moussaka we had. After having this, everyone felt greasy and no more moussaka~

kebab AKA pita, i think the stall do better than the restaurant.

My dish, stuffed tomato. their pepper has finish so they serve with 2 tomato. >< i just able to finish the rice, but the tomato....i left it for others to help me finish them ^^"

Night view of the random buildings we passed by.

Night view of Acropolis. Since we cant find a way to see Acropolis nearer, this is the best zoom of my camera. How i wish i got a zoom lens which could zoom enough to capture it. There should open to public at night, then we can see how grand and gold is it.

The next day we just stop by to have coffee and sweet corn then we prepare back to London. Here end my trip to Greece and the start of my trip to Barcelona! i'll come back if i have enough financial and time! =)


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