Sunday, December 22, 2013

Greece~ Santorini~Fira

Again, the first thing we reach Fira after check-in to the hotel is food-hunt. they called is Pita but actually same as kebab. i like Pita very much, it has some meat with vege and fried and with a top of greek salad source. 

After our lunch, we back to the hotel for a short-while of swimming session. ya, i don't swim but i play water. After that, it's nightfall, when i look out from my hotel room's balcony, i can see the sunset. Its is worth for me to stay in this hotel because of the sunset.

Try hard to capture a picture of the sunset and me. >< angle problem, i use almost an hour to get this shot. i'm just glad the sunset could last that long.

The inside view of the hotel, no matter where are we, we can still see the blue roof with white wall.

Dinner time in Fira. We tried something new which is honey cheese. It is very honey and very cheese, nice combination. I don't think i can finish this by myself, too greasy.

This is something like mushroom with cheese, name unknown hahaha^^" i should have take down the name.

The following dish i also can't remember the name but it all are some kind of bbq chicken or pork with small portion of potato and fried rice.

I cant forget the name of this dish, it called stuffed tomato. At first i was wondering what in it, when i come i find out it is tomato and pepper wrap with rice. Yucks i hate tomato, but i like tomato with rice. this is why i remember stuffed tomato very well.

At night we back to the hotel held our own little party with a bottle of wine and coke with some local snack.
We was planning to see the sun rise on the next morning, however, wake up early is not me and my lovely roommate really having sweet dream same as me, thus, none of us in my room get the chance to see the sun rise. Lucky for the others who able to wake up early, can witness the beautiful picture.

We has such a long day before we off to Athens, take a walk at Fira. It felt so different between Oia and Fira. Fira is something more like city but the stair are still up and down

The volcano

the down side of Fira, we could see more sea and how blue and clean is the sea. A picture with sookie.

A group picture, although can't see where we are but definitely is at somewhere nearby the sea = santorini

Its time to get back to upper side, we decide to ride donkey. i have never ride on a donkey, the feel was like: am i going to drop on the floor soon? the donkey is unstable, i think they are starve. Feel pity and sympathy on them. The donkey i ride i much better than the others, at least it can walk and not fall down half way. * maybe because its owner is pulling it, the other donkey just walk by themselves.* how well-behaved are them.

Under then hot sun, a cup of yogurt or ice-cream will be very helpful. Love yogurt! End my Santorini trip prefect =) The yogurt i ate is Greek yogurt, its really soft and milky.

to be continue...

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